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      For information on joining the Washington Air National Guard, please call Recruiting at 253-512-3351.  


Job Position Grade AFSC Status  Unit Closing Date
23-011-ANG C2 Battle Management Ops Crft TSgt 1C571 AGR 225ADS 05 Dec 2022
23-010-ANG C2 Battle Management Supt SMSgt 1C591 AGR 225ADS 05 Dec 2022
23-009-ANG Air Battle Manager 2Lt-Maj 13B3C AGR 225ADS 05 Dec 2022
WA-11685638-AF-23-034 Unit Program Coordinator GS-7 303 Fulltime 225ADG 18 Nov 2022
22-64-ANG Air Battle Manager 2Lt-Maj 13B DSG 225ADS 18 Nov 2022
22-47-ANG Military Chaplain 2Lt-LtCol 52R3 DSG 225ADG until filled
22-46-ANG Public Affairs Officer 2Lt-Maj 35P3  DSG 225ADG until filled
22-087-ANG Logistics Management Supt SMSgt (E-8) 2S091 AGR  225SPTS until filled


Network Infrastructure Craftsman
Network Infrastructure Craftsman

Career Fields Available at the Western Air Defense Sector

Air Battle Manager    
13BX | Air Battle Manager - Utilizing strategy, experience and an intimate knowledge of aircraft, weapons and surveillance, ABMs use everything at their disposal to control the outcome of an air battle. A job demanding composure, confidence and decisiveness, an air operation’s success depends on the plans implemented by these accomplished experts.   1C5X1 | Command and Control Battle Management - Identifies, maintains surveillance, and assists in controlling aerospace objects. Operates aerospace control and warning systems equipment, and simulation equipment. Interprets and reacts to radarscope presentation and to generated console displays.   3D0X2 | Cyber Systems Operations - Design, install and support computer and software systems, ensuring they operate properly and are secure from enemy cyber attack. Install, support and maintain servers or other computer systems and to plan for service outages and interruptions to network operations.
3D1X1 | Client Systems - Responsibility for keeping computers systems functioning at peak performance. Keep software and hardware operating properly, and troubleshoot and repair problems that may occur. The skills and experience you’ll gain as a Client Systems Specialist will also translate into a civilian career.   3D1X2 |  Cyber Transport Systems - Deploy, sustain, troubleshoot, and repair standard voice, data and video network infrastructure systems, IP detection systems, and cryptographic equipment.   3D1X3 | Radio Frequency Transmission Systems - Deploy, sustain, troubleshoot, and repair the vast variety of communications devices and systems, such as tactical communications gear, four-story fixed antennas, ground-based satellite and encryption transmission devices, that are integral to the success of the Air National Guard.

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Job Type

  • AGR (Active Guard Reserve): Positions listed as AGR status are those in which National Guard Airmen are on voluntary active duty providing full-time support to the Washington Air National Guard for the purpose of organizing, recruiting, instructing, or training.  AGRs serve full time and enjoy the same benefits and entitlements of Active Duty Airmen.  To apply for an AGR position, members must currently be active members of the Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve or Active Duty Air Force.


  • DSG (Drill Status Guardsman): Positions listed as DSG are traditional drill status guardsmen positions which means that you would only need to serve one weekend per month and 15 days per year.  DSG positions are typically where new recruits start and where you can serve in the U.S. military while still maintaining full time civilian employment as well.



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