Defend the homeland by generating and sustaining integrated battle management and command and control capabilities. 



"Dependable, disciplined and agile Airmen enabling the seamless integration of emerging capabilities with proven legacy systems to provide decision superiority at all levels of command. We will secure multi-domain operations by fostering innovation, empowering Airmen,
and providing technologically advanced tools & training to our operations and support professionals."



Command Priorities (MAP)

Mission Readiness: Ready to execute mission sets by having the right leadership, equipment, and personnel trained and in place.
Accountability: Provide the highest quality to all mission and organizational partners
People: Develop the highest quality workforce possible through personal and professional developmental opportunities.

The 225th Support Squadron provides leadership and management to all unit functions that support the operation of the Western Air Defense Sector and Battle Control Center. This includes, but is not limited to:

Civil Engineering
Client Systems
Communications-Computer Systems
Cyber Operations
Cyber Security
Emergency Management
Facility Management
Information Systems
Knowledge Operations
Power and Utilities
Quality Assurance
Radio Frequency Transmission Systems
Security Forces

The 225th Support Squadron provides oversight to ensure maintenance at very high reliability levels of the systems providing constant air sovereignty displays, command, control, and communications for and between the Air Defense Squadron, Continental U.S. NORAD Region (CONR), Combatant Commander, NORTHCOM, and NORAD; fighter, tanker, AEW, rotary-wing, airlift, Army air defense artillery (ADA), and Navy surface units tactical command (TACON) to the ADS within area of operations (AOO).

The 225th Support Squadron coordinates with the following federal agencies:


Col. Rebecca Bissette
225th Support Squadron Commander